Monday, February 25, 2013

Facepalm Proposal

*A funny little proposal story, which was submitted for a Valentines day contest*

I had been stalking her. Yes, literally “STALKING”. I believed just like in the Tamil movies stalking would lead to us falling in love and her finally saying ‘YES’ to my proposal. I had all the symptoms of being in love. I had started sleeping late, waking up early, checking teeth after brushing, and everything seemed positive and High Definition to me. Gradually we became friends, and as the usual stories go, best friends and later on according to what the kids these days call it, we were ‘chuddy buddies’. After almost a year of carrying her books, buying her lunch and doing her homework (I am not gay), I knew it was time. I found her standing alone in the corridor and when I went near her to open my heart to her; she opened hers instead, saying she was in love with some guy I cannot describe without abuse. And yes, my reaction – Facepalm.