Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blank Paper

Five exams down, and this was my last one. The only one I wish can walk out the exam hall early without having to submit a blank paper with just my name and roll number in it. The last five exams were more of a routine, which was to write down my name, sign the attendance sheet, get out and smoke. But today I had in head the answers to two important short answer questions and in my underwear the answer to one important essay type question. Tough chance of leaving the exam hall submitting an empty paper today. I'm full of energy and have no idea where it was all coming from. Whenever someone is excited about something that is going to happen, all of a sudden everything around the person is so beautiful, bright and in High Definition(1080p).

For a normal person, such a situation with a bit of paper hid somewhere in his body would have been a really tensing one, but for me it wasn't due to years of experience, though it was starting to itch a bit underneath. And I know I'd have to take the paper out only if a question on 'Power Supply' was to come.

The corridor was filled with repeated chanting of equations and other “greek to me” stuff and in certain areas even group chanting with eyes closed. Normally i never get to see all this because at this point I would have been at the canteen having my regular cup of coffee, but today i was the first one to be seated in the exam hall.

15 minutes later,

Oh God.! This is Shit.
What a screwed up question paper and i had no idea what I was doing still sitting there. I somehow wanted to write something in the paper before I left. But in no way am I able to understand a word written in the question paper and to hell the word 'Power Supply' wasn't there. I put my head down trying to remember one of the short answers. After a while the motherboard parts slowly starting coming into my head. Pulled myself up and started writing really fast. Half a page of all the motherboard components and I was out.


I walked out of the college building and towards the bike parking. Just as i started my bike, i saw her running towards me. She was the one i dream of every night, and every night she would be dressed in red, like a porcelain doll doing nothing but just standing there looking at me. I turned the ignition off as she was getting nearer. Took a quick look at the rear view mirror for a hair check.

“Hey, could you give me a lift to the nearing bus stop?” she asked with a pretty smile.

It was a simple question but i was too immersed in her smile that i forgot the answer.

“Hello? You okay?” she asked.

“Yea. Hop in”

Wow. I didn't understand why she needed a lift to the bus stop which was hardly 500 meters from the college. Maybe she was in a hurry.
When my bike left the college gates she put her hands around my waist. I didn't know where this was going but one thing was for sure, I was in no hurry.
When we reached the bus stop, she got down and put her hand above mine which rested on the bike handle and looked straight into my eyes. I know it was time for me to make the next move, and just when I opened my mouth to tell her that I loved her she stopped me and she shouted out

The bus stand had disappeared and the blank white answer sheet appeared in front of me.

Oh Damn, Its the routine again.!


  1. Yet another unique 'Davis'-style story. Witty, shorty, twisty tale.... :)