Sunday, August 26, 2012

Drugs, Disgust, Thirst

*A short write up i did for an Anti-Drug Campaign*

The intention of two boys entering the same toilet in a sleeper class compartment was definitely not to take a leak. The train had been stopped for over an hour in the middle of a village area. Looking out the train i see a village boy with hardly any clothes on walking towards the public tap. Just then I hear a thud and the two boys were coming out of the toilet, one of them wiping away the traces of cocaine they had just snorted up their noses. Over the high of the cocaine, one of them opened a bottle of cold Aquafina and started pouring it down his own head and throwing away half of the bottle out the train. Out of disgust I slowly get out of the train, and there I see that the village boy is in a sitting position under the public water tap waiting and hoping for water to at least drip down the tap.


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