Saturday, April 10, 2010

high speed and your finger

this post has a little adult content according to parent logic. So kids below 18, please dont blame me if you're caught reading this.

ever been to an amusement park?
if not quit this blog. you're wasting your own time...loser...!!!

for the awesome who have...ever got on the water splash.
they say its "fun, FAST and good for friends and family"

but i say its "stupid,FAST and watever...".
the point is its fast, though not so exciting. four people are belted to a seat in something like a boat and taken up high and dropped down into a small pool of water. Now, what if they fix a camera to take a shot of the face expression you make when you're falling down. Mostly the mouths are open and they rarely realize there was a camera there.

But one day someone did happen to "beat the system" and the result is shown below.

Ha ha...classic aint it?
this is something that requires maximum strategy- to spot the camera and have enough energy to do that considering that you are moving at high speed.

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