Friday, June 4, 2010

babies crY

yay kids. Be happy because you can read this one, without being afraid your parents might catch you reading something not worth your age.

Anyways, lets chuck that and get to the point.

Soft, innocent, best creature on earth, blah blah blah...all true.

BUT, they CRY. There is no baby born who doesn't cry.
They cry as soon as they're born, they cry when they are hungry, they cry when they are hungry and they cry when they are hungry. sad.

Now, lets take a baby which is not yours. You are visiting the family and you take the baby in your arms. oooh, how sweet righ? You start walking around with the baby. They might do stuff like pulling your hair, try to jump out and other normal stuff babies do.
Now, what if the baby starts crying?
If you've gone through this before you know what happens next. The mother comes running takes the baby away from you, smiles at you and tells you "She's Hungry".
The mother brings food and starts feeding, and what if the baby stilll cries? what?? is it super hungry?
Ok. you feed a whole bowl of whatever and still the baby cries. I dont think its hungry anymore and still it is being fed till its stomach is about to burst and its small brain cannot process anymore of the food entering and shuts its self down. in short the baby goes to sleep.
Later the baby wakes up and starts crying again. and the feeding repeats. Finally the baby stops crying because it wants to stay awake(so that it can work itself to awesomeness.)

Now, lets leave the baby alone. Consider yourself a teenage guy or any age guy elder than a teenage guy. Do you ever cry in public?
NO. You dont. Because if you do, they would either think you're a loser or they'd think you're gay.

Now, consider yourself a teenage girl(I dont think anything elder than that needs to be involved.) Do you ever cry in public for a reason? Of course you do. So that people would think, 'awww...what a sad girl, maybe she needs some help.' OR 'oh no. dont cry, you look so pretty.(i know that was lame.)' OR 'wow. what a woman, she's got the guts to do that'.
Well, my basic point is however, it favors ya'll.

Now, back to the babies.

They cry because
boys, they need to finish it off and get ready for an awesome cry free future.
girls, they're just practising.


  1. Lovely Write-up. I liked the various perspectives you've touched there. And humorous too.... :)