Saturday, October 29, 2011

Changed Status

About 20 years ago difficulty in life for a teenage boy was defined by the kind of course taken, the number of exams, how to talk to a beautiful girl and the methods on how to catch a smoke or drink without your parents catching you.

My name is Sharath Kumar, a middle class teenage boy. Everything about me was so called 'middle-class'. My dad works at a bank and earns enough to buy me a gift worth Rs.5000 every year on my birthday. My mother is a housewife who like every other mother cooks the tastiest food. I have 98 friends on facebook, 32 of which are my family members.

Final year at engineering college was a really boring time for me, loads of exams and countless number of questions about what i'm going to do with my future. To make things worse the people who are worried about my future more than my dad who paid for my education were my neighbours, the milk-man, the paper guy and even the temple guy who comes every month for donation. Engineering has taught me everything that a certain forward message says, opening a beer bottle with my teeth, experience getting drunk to the maximum level of intoxication and still trying to stand straight and pee, getting depressed over a single girl a zillion times, and also created a habit of smoking a cigarette daily. In short I was enjoying my perfectly going imperfect college life.
The only thing that kept bothering me was not having a girl-friend. I have been single since the day I was born. Its been 21 years and not even a one week relationship. All my friends kept telling me that when the day comes, i will find the perfect person.

August 6th 2011 was the day that the worst that could happen to me happened. Me and a couple of friends were having the end of the month booze party. Just before the party had started I had taken a friends laptop and gone through my facebook notifications, nothing great, just the usual farmville notifications. The booze party went on till 3 in the morning but unlucky me as usual passed out after two shots and three rounds of puking before 10.

It was around 9 the next morning when i got up hearing my phone ringing. With the extremely bad hangover I picked the call. It was MOM.

Mom: “What is wrong with you? This has become a disgrace to our family.”
Me: “Mom, what are you talking about? Ive told you about the monthly booze parties.”

But she barely heared what i said and she went on...

“...never thought you would go for such a thing. When you said you wanted to stay with your friends i never thought it was to have privacy to do such things. We have loved you in every way and is this what you're giving us back?”.

Oh God. How do I stop this?

“...if you had any kind of feelings for Rani, you should have told us first place rather than telling the whole world about it.”

“STOP IT”, I shouted.

Shit. Rani was the tamilian servant girl who comes home everyday to wash clothes and clean the house. And what the hell was Mom talking about?

“What are you talking about?”, i asked “Why are you talking about Rani now?”

“Dont try to pretend in front of me now. Indrajith uncle called early morning....”
CUT went the call.

I stepped out of the bachelor home, took a deep breath of fresh air and put a cigarette in my mouth before i could take in my next breath. I was thinking what exactly could have gone wrong? Why would Mom say anything about Rani at this time of the day? Ah chuck it, she's probably pissed off with something. But still...feelings for Rani? Oh no...somethings not right.

The cigarette wasnt working, so i took the laptop and logged into facebook. Actually i didnt have to log in, it logged in automatically. 2 notifications.
“John Mathew and 20 other friends like your status.”
“Anil Uk and 35 other friends commented on your status.”

Status? When did i even put up a status? Clicked on one of those notifications and there it was,


Closed the laptop in a second and was in a hurry to put on some pants. I looked around at all the bastards drunk and sleeping peacefully. I know one of them did this.
I was in a hurry to get home and convince Mom that it was a huge mistake. But by the time i got home, my whole family was there, including my cousins and their children who were already running around the place. A whole group discussion went on the whole day, and finally my history was sealed. My first love – Rani the servant girl. However I try, its not going to change.
A week later I even started getting “hope you have thought well about it” wall posts.


Make sure you log off your facebook account after use.
A status can change your life.

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